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“Horrorland” ‘GTA V’ Machinima Brings Together Horror Heroes and Villains



Back in September, we told you about a Machinima group that had recreated the Georgie sewer scene from IT. Well, Final Flame Productions have been at work on a series of videos called “HorrorLand”, which involves heroes and monsters from horror games and film duking it out in GTA V. In fact, the final video was released on Halloween!

In addition, the group has also been continuing the “IT in GTA V” thing with additional videos that approximately follow the book. I say “approximately”, since you don’t really have kid versions of Michael, Trevor and Franklin in the original game. Plus, you can only do so much with the assets at hand. Still, “A” for effort, guys.

Want more? The group isn’t done with the horror genre, as they’re working on another video involving a more recent film. We’ll let you postulate on what that might be.

You can check those out (and more) on Final Flame Productions’ YouTube page.