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Experience Underground Nightmares with ‘Ergastulum’



It’s a crappy situation when you lose your job anywhere, and it’s no exception in the video game industry. But, there’s always a silver lining somewhere. Take former PlayStation VR developer, Joey To. After nine years, Joey was unfortunately let go. Rather than sit at home, Joey started up K Monkey Games, which released Dungeon Nightmares and Dungeon Nightmares II : The Memory. Now K Monkey is back with a brand new game called Ergastulum, complete with Kickstarter campaign.

Ergastulum is described as “a first-person fantasy horror adventure game” that mixes Asian and Western folklore to “create a terrifying vision that will test a player’s faith to the extremes”. Inspired by the Dark Souls series, as well as Amnesia and Alien Isolation, Ergastulum puts the player in the ergastulum, a Roman underground building used to hold dangerous slaves. In this case, however, the ergastulum also holds terrifying creatures. Armed only with your Crucifix and the Light as your only defence, you must manage your sanity levels as you search for clues in the procedurally-generated locations in order to make it out alive.

As mentioned, the project currently has a Kickstarter page up and running, where the team is asking for £60,000 to complete the game. There are backer rewards available, depending on your pledge level, as well as additional stretch goals if the £60k is surpassed. K Monkey is looking to have the game released next year. To find out more about the game, visit the Kickstarter, or hit up the game’s Steam Page.

UPDATE: In the original version of the story, it was implied that the game was to be a VR-based experience. This is not the case, however. Joey To contacted us to clarify, stating that “[Ergastulum] started off as a VR game but [was] later put on hold and moved to it being a stretch goal. The game is a non-VR experience from launch. 🙂” Sorry for the confusion, folks!