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‘Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth’ Gets New Life on



We’ve mentioned many times before how Lovecraft is an awesome source for videogames. Games like Zeotrope Interactive’s Conarium and Lunar Cult Studios’ Lust For Darkness rely heavily on the Cthulhu mythos. And of course, there are games like Headfirst Productions and Bethesda’s 2005 survival horror FPS Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, which has recently been re-released for PC courtesy of

The game, which was well received by most critics, failed to make an impression with gamers when it was released, and subsequent sequels planned by Headfirst were canned. Nonetheless, the game is still very much worthwhile to check out today. While the game is already available on Steam, as is often the case with older games, there are compatibility issues with modern hardware. However, GOG have gone through the code and fixed things up to allow for modern PCs to run it properly, so no worries there.

As an added bonus, when you buy the game from, you also get two of Bethesda’s classic RPGs, The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Daggerfall, for free! Get in on it now.