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‘Resident Evil’ TV series Concept Morphed into Terrifying Short



Remember that proposed TV series “Arklay”, which was supposed to be a television series based on Resident Evil? Well, it’s been three years and no updates until now. Shawn Lebert, director and producer of the proof of concept short film for the series, hit us up to tell us that the powers that be unfortunately passed on the series.

However, all is not lost, as the proof of concept Lebert worked on has morphed into an independent short film called DAVE, which is totally devoid of any reference to the Resident Evil series. In fact, you can watch the short here and “see what could have been”. Lebert has also posted to Reddit, where he talks about the project, what was cut from its state, and that we’re now watching the original version.

It’s unfortunate that the TV series didn’t come to fruition, but who knows? Maybe Capcom will try again at some point with a fresh take on the series that’s far away from what Paul W.S. Anderson gave us with the Resident Evil series of films?

UPDATE: Thanks to those readers who pointed out the broken link. It’s now been fixed. Sorry for the confusion.