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‘Killing Floor 2’ Reveals Its Halloween Horror Update



‘Tis the season to be spooky! For Killing Floor 2 players, Halloween is in full swing, as Tripwire Interactive have announced that the free new update to their horror FPS is now available on Steam and PlayStation 4, with the XBox One update hitting October 24th.

The update entitled “Halloween Horrors Content Pack” includes a brand new map, new weapons, limited-time Halloween themed items, brand new daily missions, a returning enemy and boss, and the Dosh Vault system that will reward players dedicated to the cause. In regards to the new weapons, each class will each receive a unique weapon. For example, Demolitionists get the Seeker Six, a rocket launcher that has the ability to lock on to enemies and fire up to six rockets simultaneously.

As far as returning foes, the Quarter Pounds from the Poundemonium Weekly Outbreak mode are back, along with King Fleshpound as a boss. The enemies will be in the regular survival modes, albeit with a rebalance. To face the original versions, you have to be in the Poundamonium game mode.

As well, for HTC Vive players, Killing Floor 2: Incursion will be making its way onto the platform via Steam VR on November 7th. This version of the game will be more story-driven, and can be played alone or with friends.