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Gory Fighter ‘GUTS’ Hits PC This Halloween



Remember Time Killers? It hit during the Mortal Kombat craze, and featured the mechanic of lopping off your opponent’s limbs. Well, indie developer Flux Game Studio is taking that concept to the next level with their fighting game, GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show).

Due out this Halloween on PC for $19.99, GUTS is unique fighter where instead of relying on health bars and a timer to win, you must dismember your opponents by using deadly GUTS Moves. Of course, your opponents can do the same to you, so it becomes a strategy of getting your hits it before your opponent, and surviving with (most) of your limbs intact. It doesn’t help when the hostile environments can be your worst friend, as they can just as easily expedite the process for you (or your opponent).

Upon release, the game will feature a selection of nine combatants, online and local multiplayer, as well as in a single-player story mode with two different endings per character. If you head on over to the game’s Steam page, you can check out the demo, as well as receive exclusive weapon skins, profile ribbons and more once the game is out.