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Elude Men & Monsters in Medieval Survival Horror Game ‘LORN’



Fancy some medieval survival horror? Teamkill Studios’ LORN might just be up your alley. Originally announced back in January, the team have put together and released the first gameplay trailer, with the demo set for an October 20 release on Steam.

LORN pits you as Voss, a loyal servant of the King of the land. Or were, until the King decided to commit genocide in order to satisfy ‘They’. ‘They’ crave souls, and in return for immortality, had gifted the King an ancient artifact known as The Heart of God, which holds the souls of the slain. You steal the artifact in order to stop the mad King from continuing his bloodshed, and descend into the Forsaken Mines to hide it. Unfortunately, in addition to the King’s men pursuing you, you must contend with the monsters that lurk in the dark.

For more info on the game, head to its Steam Community page, or hit up the game’s official site. The full game is due out next year, with PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions to follow.