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Revisit 2004’s “The Suffering” and its Sequel Thanks to



Fans of mid-2000s gaming might remember a little game called The Suffering. The game was a psychological horror shooter that took place in a haunted prison, and was unique for its attempts to separate itself from the survival horror games at the time. Sadly, despite it being a commercial success, its sequel Ties That Bind, failed to live up to expectations, and a potential series was canned.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, those PC gamers who have wanted to play The Suffering and its sequel have been out of luck for a while. The games don’t play well with modern systems, and they aren’t available on Steam. Enter the good folks at, who today have added both games to their library. You can grab either title individually (at 10% off the normal price), or grab them in a pack (at 10% off as well).

In addition, also has a sale on other Warner Bros. games, such as the F.E.A.R. and Mortal Kombat series. The sale expires on the 10th, so be quick.