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‘Lust For Darkness’ Launches Kickstarter Page, New Trailer



Back in June, we reported on Lunar Cult Studios’ Lust For Darkness, an FPP that combines the erotic with Cthulhu-inspired imagery. Well, the game’s publisher, PlayWay, has released a new trailer and Kickstarter page for the game, which shows off more kinky stuff.

As before, the trailer features that Victorian mansion filled with what you’d expect from an intimate get-together like this. Like sex machines and an erotic dancer. This is on top of the Lovecraftian and surrealist Zdzisław Beksiński-inspired imagery. The game’s already hit its goal on Kickstarter, with over 33 days left. If you donate, you’ll get early access to the alpha demo (similar to how Agony worked, which is also being published by PlayWay). To get your money in there, click here. The game’s Steam Page lists it being released to Early Access October 16.

Just don’t let your parents/younger sibling/significant other catch you watching this trailer.