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[Gamescom] 40 Minutes of Leaked ‘The Evil Within 2’ Footage!



Even though Gamescom ended yesterday, it’s still making news. Especially when someone leaks 40 minutes of footage from Bethesda’s The Evil Within 2.

The footage in question is from the demo that was at Gamescom, which shows off multiple new environments and changes in gameplay from the original game. Judging from the footage and the screenshots that have already been released for The Evil Within 2, there is indeed more of a Silent Hill vibe this time around. In other words, I’m hooked!

The footage is constantly being taken down and uploaded by fans, so be quick to catch this footage. Who knows what we’ll get from the fallout from this weekend’s QuakeCon, where the game is also being demoed. No word either on if we’ll get an official demo for the game, which hits retail October 13th.

Update: Well that was fast. Luckily, someone else had uploaded it to Youtube.