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Escape Battling Kaiju in ‘City Shrouded in Shadow’



Way back in the XBox/PlayStation 2 era, you had monster fighting games like Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee and War Of The Monsters. Sure, the latter didn’t have the Godzilla license, and Destroy All Monsters Melee wasn’t perfect, but who wouldn’t love the chance to smash up a city while battling a giant Kaiju? Well, if you’re keen on importing, and don’t mind a tweaking of the formula, Bandai Namco has something to sate your need with their all-star Kaiju game, City Shrouded in Shadow.

Bandai Namco have been hard at work on the game for a while now. It currently just has a Japanese release date of October 17th for the PlayStation 4, and will have the player attempting to escape a city being ravaged by a battle between a who’s-who of giant monsters (including members of the Godzilla, Ultraman and Evangelion universes). Dualshockers recently posted a new crop of screenshots from the game, which includes the reveal of Mothra’s nemesis, Battra, being included in the game, as well as some new gameplay footage.

No word on whether you’ll be able to play as the monsters themselves in the game (which quite frankly, would make the game even more awesome), or if the game will make it to North America (licensing being a potentially big issue), but man, a chance to relive the fun from Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee on a modern system would be amazing.

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