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Indie Adventure Game ‘Severed’ Slashes Onto The Switch



Nintendo seems to be keen with the Switch (so far) to indulge in horror, what with Splatterhouse already being available for the console, as well as the upcoming ports of Resident Evil: Revelations and it’s sequel (not to mention the rumoured RE VII port). But now, we can add a port of the acclaimed iOS game Severed to the mix.

Drinkbox Studios have announced that their game is now available for the platform for $14.99 USD. The game, which was previously released for the Wii and PlayStation Vita, relies heavily on touchscreen controls, and fits right in with the Switch’s small but still growing online store. In Severed, the player assumes the role of a one-armed woman traversing through a series of neon labyrinths in the search for her missing family. The player hacks and slashes through monsters to harvest the monsters’ organs in order to upgrade the player’s demonic powers.