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Match Wits With Yourself in ‘ECHO’



Those jonsing for horror gaming in the depths of space can look forward to Ulta Ultra’s upcoming sci-fi horror game ECHO, which arrives September 19th on Steam and PlayStation 4. The devs, made up of former IO Interactive employees, have released a new trailer and a bunch of screenshots for the game, which from the trailer, looks to take a different approach that your typical “abandoned space station holding unknown horror” game.

In ECHO, you are cast as En, a rookie space traveller who has recently awakened from a century in stasis to arrive at The Palace, an ancient relic of a civilization eons gone. Inside The Palace, you find the structure itself is studying you and everything you do. Unfortunately for you, The Palace uses this information to attempt to kill you by creating ‘Echoes’, clones that will adapt to your playstyle as you progress. Your only area of safety is when The Palace shuts itself down in order to update its Echoes, allowing you to move without hindrance. However, once The Palace reawakens, expect tougher resistance.

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