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Explore Customization with Latest Trailer for ‘The Evil Within 2’



After the most recent gameplay trailer, Bethesda definitely grabbed my attention for The Evil Within 2, despite not giving much in terms of details for what’s new. That’s been rectified today on Bethesda’s latest blog entry, which details on how customization will play a bigger role in the sequel.

As detailed in the blog entry by the game’s director, John Johanas, customization in The Evil Within 2 is divided into five categories: Health, Stealth, Combat, Recovery, and Athleticism. Green Gel returns as the source for upgrading in these categories, which covers things like increased health and damage resistance, increased speed while crouching, damage increases in melee, faster health recovery and increased Stamina.

Upgrades aren’t just limited to Sebastian, as weapons can once again be upgraded by finding parts scattered around, which can do the expected changes in firepower, ammo capacity, reload time and fire rate. The Warden Crossbow (taking over from the Agony Crossbow from the first game) will have its own specific upgrade tree, and can also be fitted with various parts to upgrade its capabilities. You will also once again find different ammo types throughout the game. Ammo will be limited quantities this time, however, so players will have to rely on the crafting system for creating different ammo types.

Bethesda is certainly looking to improve upon the shortcomings of the original game, but the real test will be when the game is finally released on October 17th of this year.