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Experience ‘Alien: Isolation’ VR with “MotherVR”!



When we ran the story about Fox being in the process of developing more VR experiences after the “Alien In Utero” VR experience based on Alien Covenant, folks were clamouring for Alien: Isolation to be given the VR treatment. Well, as luck would have it, a Reddit user has created a mod to do just that.

A user by the name of Nibre_ has managed to create a mod called “MotherVR” that expands upon the hidden-away Oculus Rift mode in the game’s code. While the game did have the capability to handle VR, back in 2014, the game wasn’t compatible with the consumer version of the headset, and Sega didn’t have the demand to release a VR update. The result is that the game is now Rift compatible (albeit still in alpha version), with a Vive port in the future.

The result? See for yourself. Good thing you have to play the game sitting down.