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‘Darkwood’ Creeps out of Early Access August 17th



After three years of being in Steam’s Early Access, developer Acid Wizard Studio’s Darkwood will finally emerge as a full release August 17th.

In a message to fans, Acid Wizard Studio had this to say about the final release:

“Thanks to Early Access, Darkwood has grown immeasurably. The time, funds and community feedback has let us mold the game into the unique experience it is today. During alpha, we have largely expanded the existing Chapter, added a new one along with a slew of new content, and reworked pretty much every mechanic. With the final release in sight, we’d like to thank you for this wonderful ride and some more patience as we add the remaining content and polish.”

In Darkwood, the game is set in an isolated forest somewhere in the Soviet Bloc, where the player has been trapped for an unknown amount of time. The free-roaming gameplay has the player gathering supplies during the day, and fighting for survival at night. Throughout the world, you’ll meet up with various characters, leaving you to determine who to trust. Based on this, your decisions impact the world around you.

To find out more about the game, head over to official site.