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Rekindle Your Childhood Fear in ‘Bonbon’



Let’s face it: Childhood can be pretty scary. With being exposed to new and strange people/things, your parents sometimes being away and leaving you with a babysitter/caregiver, and happenings beyond your understanding, it’s a wonder that kids aren’t more messed up once they reach adulthood. With Aetheric Games’ Bonbon, the creators hope to instill that fear once again.

Described as “a short-form, horror narrative” set in the UK in the mid-1980s, you navigate childhood events that are beyond your capacity to understand, and with no parent being around to “save” you. Progression in the game requires the completion of simple tasks, but it’s mostly about experiencing the objects and events around you. As your parents become increasingly absent, you end up spending more time with Bonbon, a large, overbearing and ambiguous visitor, whose presence conjures up something sinister.

Bonbon is meant to be a short but sweet affair (around 20-40 minutes), and is priced accordingly at $1.95 USD. The game will be set for release on August 4th for PC via, with a Mac version to follow soon after.