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‘Killing Floor 2’ Spreads The Gore To XBox One August 29th



Tripwire Interactive struck gold with Killing Floor and its sequel, Killing Floor 2, but XBox One owners have been left out of the fun. That changes next month, when Tripwire brings Killing Floor 2 to the system, as well as the upcoming XBox One X.

In a press release, Tripwire announced the game will be available for Microsoft’s consoles on August 29th (insert Terminator 2 joke here) for $39.99 USD. The game will also include all previously released content packs, including The Tropical Bash, The Descent and elements of The Summer Sideshow. That’s not all, as XBox One and One X owners will have access to exclusive content, such as the new Freezethrower weapon (with eight weapon skins) for the Survival Perk, and the Wasteland Armor uniform, with five different styles.

The One X version will also allow for 4k support, increased performance, high resolution textures and shadow maps and increased shadow-fade-out distance. As well, the game will also include support for Mixer, Microsoft’s next-gen streaming service. Very exciting, indeed.