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Manage Your Cult And Appease The Gods in ‘The Shrouded Isle’



Ever wanted to manage your own cult? Strange as that may sound, you’ll get the chance next month when Kitfox Games’ The Shrouded Isle hits Steam on August 4th.

Originally conceived during a game jam, The Shrouded Isle puts you in the role of mayor of a seaside village that must make seasonal human sacrifices to Chernobog, a god sleeping beneath the sea, in order to protect the village. They must investigate, deduce the true sinners among the village and eliminate them. Sounds simple, right? Well, not so much when you have to earn the favor of the five Houses within the village that are competing for power. And some potential sacrifices aren’t so keen on confessing their sins. Do you appease the god by offering a proper sacrifice, or do you risk angering the Houses?

With a stylized monochromatic presentation, randomly assigned virtues and vices for citizens, and six possible endings, The Shrouded Isle certainly has the potential to be a unique and fun management game. Head over to the game’s official site for more info, or preorder the game on Steam.