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Update 6.66 Brings New ‘DOOM’ Goodies, Including Free Season Pass

So, we all know that 2016’s DOOM is a badass return to the glory that was the original. id and Bethesda have been doing a great job supporting the game with free updates, and have implied that even more content is coming (in addition to the recently-announced DOOM VFR). And with the latest update (Update 6.66, in case you’re wondering), it looks to be starting.

Announced on Bethesda’s blog, DOOM‘s Season Pass content will be made free for all players in Update 6.66. The pass includes three map packs (nine maps in all), three additional guns, three additional playable demons, and new equipment. As well, the progression system that’s used in multiplayer has been revamped, with a focus on unlocking equipment via completing challenges, instead of levelling up. The Hack Module system has now been replaced with a new Rune System, which doesn’t expire or need to be activated like the Hack Modules. Lastly, the in-game multiplayer HUD has been revised to allow for more detail in match breakdowns, progression options, equipment characteristic and more.

As an extra bonus, for those of you who still don’t own the game, id will be having a free weekend for players to try out the game’s singleplayer and multiplayer modes. If you decide to buy the game after that, all your progress will be carried over to the purchased version. The free weekend will start at 12:00 pm ET on Thursday, July 20, on Xbox One, 1pm ET on Thursday, July 20 on PC, and 12:00 pm ET on Thursday, July 27 on PlayStation 4. And, if you do decide to purchase the game, you’ll be able to grab it for the reduced price of $14.99 USD.

Rip and f*cking tear.

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