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Creepy VR Experience ‘The Bellows’ Unleashes PlayStation VR Trailer

In preparation to join Resident Evil 7 and Arizona Sunshine on the PlayStation VR is Castle Step’s The Bellows, which just launched a new trailer. The game hit last September on the HTC Vive, and is also on Steam (for free!). The game has the player exploring the dark corners of a man’s home. A storm rages on outside as you make your way through the house, when you start to suspect that you might not be alone.

Unlike the former two games, The Bellows is meant to be a shorter, more focused experience to show just how effective the genre can be inside of VR. As a result, the game itself is just 15 minutes long. In fact, Castle Steps cut down the original game and refined it to maximize the experience. Don’t worry, as the original will be included with the pared-down version once it hits PSVR.

No word yet on when exactly the release will be, or if it will retain the same price tag as the Steam version.

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