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New Goodies Revealed for ‘Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition’!



You know that “classic” FMV game Night Trap is being re-released, right? Well, as an addition to the regular game, developer Screaming Villains have added a new mode to the game, which they recently revealed in a new trailer (along with how the game now looks in glorious HD).

The new game mode in question is “Survivor”, which involves the player having to catch as many Augers (aka the vampires in the game) that randomly appear in the house as quickly as possible, with their numbers increasing each successive round after that. Now, those of you who have played the original know that this is how the original game was played anyways. You basically flipped between the cameras rapidly, setting off the traps for the Augers, and totally ignoring the story.

But if you did play that way, you’d miss out on the glory that is the film within the game.

In addition, according to Scream Villains’ Twitter page, the game will also include a Theater Mode, a documentary on the game by My Life In Gaming and more. Still no release date yet, but that looks to be coming soon.