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Pyramid Head, Simon Belmont Join ‘Super Bomberman R’



In a recent update for the Switch’s Super Bomberman R, Konami reminds Silent Hill and Castlevania just how badly the two franchises have been treated.

Amongst the updates and changes in patch 1.4, players now have three new characters to select from in the game: Vic Viper Bomber (from Konami’s Gradius series), Simon Belmont Bomber and Pyramid Head Bomber. This marks the first time that Konami has utilized the Silent Hill license for anything that doesn’t involve a Pachinko machine since Hideo Kojima’s departure from the company, and the cancelled Silent Hills game in 2015. For Castlevania, it’s the first use of its license within a game since 2014’s Lords Of Shadow 2.

From Pachinko machines to being an afterthought in a so-so action game.

Here’s hoping the Castlevania Netflix show brings back the glory for the series. As for Silent Hill? Well, we have Death Standing to look forward to, even if it’s not going to be the Silent Hill game we were wanting.