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‘Creeping Terror’ Journeys to the West This Fall



This fall, Sushi Typhoon Games and Nikkatsu will bring the new indie horror game Creeping Terror to North America, with a release slated for PC and the Nintendo 3DS. It’s not often that we get indie games from Japan here in The States, and it’s rarer still that such a game would be headed to a console like the 3DS, which like its predecessors, usually shies away from traditional genre fare like this.

Here’s a synopsis from the game’s official website:

The player controls the high school girl, Arisa, to explore “caves,” “tunnels,” and an “old mansion.” The story begins with the arrival of Arisa and her friends at an old mansion where a monster is believed to lurk. Later, Arisa awakens in a cave and finds herself alone. She has no way of knowing the fate that awaits her.