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‘The Whisperer’ – Ghost Hunters meets Fatal Frame



The Whisperer is a first person paranormal investigation game in where players explore various locations and chase after spirits of the dead. Based on the Japanese horror game series, Fatal Frame ( or Project Zero in Europe) The Whisperer uses camera’s to defeat ghosts and uses a realtime EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) communication to talk to ghosts. Players can ask entities to make their presence clear by interacting with players or their environments (pulled directly from the game’s IndieDB page)

I love the Fatal Frame series so any game that draws inspiration from that franchise immediately has my interest.

The developers mention that the game focuses on realtime interactions with the entities that can be encountered in the locations you’ll come across. Most of the sessions are done via EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and they mention that each session you have in the game will never be the same and that they’ll never be boring or one sided. That’s very intriguing and I’d love to see how this plays out when the game is released.

Your goal as a player is to visit these various locations and to clear them out from evil spirits or to uncover the location’s dark past. The game uses a dynamic questing system that allows you to choose what to do with said location and even what you’d like to reject doing.

Locations can be traveled to and chosen from the in-game map. Each location will have their own difficulty, mysteries and ghosts. Each location’s stories and quests will also be unique as well which seems to offer some form of replayability.

They mention new locations for the game will be added via free content updates.

The most exciting feature for me with The Whisperer is the mention of a co-op multiplayer mode with up to 5 players. The game uses cross–play which means that PS4, Xbox ONE and PC players can play together, which itself is a great idea and I’m really curious to see how this works out in the finished product as well. You’ll also be able to form groups or teams of ghost hunters with your friends and basically play out your own version of those ghost hunting television shows. Cool, right?

You can earn points when taking down ghosts, taking photos of said ghosts and by completing the quests presented at each location. These points are the game’s currency system and its mentioned that these points can be used to upgrade your equipment and even customize your look for the online portion of the game.

The Whisperer will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE. PC and PS4 versions will release this summer while the Xbox ONE version is expected to release this fall. The game will include the following:

-The Whisperer Full Game

-The Whisperer Full Game VR version (fully identical to the Non-VR version)

-The “The Conspiracy” DLC

-The Networked multiplayer DLC

Bundled for just $19,99.

To get the periodic content updates, a season pass subscription will not be needed. Locations, shop items and any additional content will be added for free.

So there you have it! The game really seems like a cool and unique concept of which I am fully interested in seeing how it plays out.

Also, I’ve included a video of some alpha gameplay below.