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This New ‘Visage’ Trailer Sure is Pretty



I have some good news, and some bad-ish news. I’ll start with the bad, because I’m all about ripping off those band-aids. It to do with SadSquare Studio and their decision to delay the eagerly anticipated psychological horror game Visage, which has been sparring with Allison Road for the title of Most Promising P.T.-Inspired Indie for some time now. The game was originally expected to come sometime this spring, but there’s still too much work left to do on it yet, and as you might’ve noticed, that window has since closed.

“Quite a lot of you wonderful people have been questioning our positivity in all our updates such as “everything’s going great” in the past month,” starts a recent post on the Visage Kickstarter page, where SadSquare successfully raised roughly $90k a little over a year ago. “Although this is technically true, we’ll say it upfront, we are not on schedule, and there’s still work to be done. Visage has evolved a lot since our first Kickstarter pitch, and we like to think it shows in this new trailer.”

They’re not ready to give us a new release window, at least not until “it’s set in stone.” When it does arrive, it’ll be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And as for that good news, well, surely a new gameplay trailer counts, right?