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‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Won’t Include Original Voice Actors



Remember the furor that Konami kicked up when fans learned that, amongst other things, that the Silent Hill HD Collection wasn’t going to include the original voice actors for Silent Hill 3, and the horrific re-dub that was included for Silent Hill 2? Well get ready, because it’s Capcom’s turn with the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake.

As reported by PCGamesN, and according to Claire actress Alyson Court, Capcom has chosen to use non-union actors to voice the remake’s protagonists. This is in spite of a fan campaign urging Capcom to use the original voice actors. In a Youtube video, Court explains that she would have done the voice work remake, but as far as she knew, “[Capcom] chose to go non-union with the voice performances.” Court elaborated in a second video that the decision to use non-union voice actors came before the current video game voice actors’ strike.

Subsequently, Leon Kennedy’s Resident Evil 6 voice actors Matt Mercer and Courtenay Taylor (who voiced Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong, respectively) each tweeted similar responses when asked about their involvement.

No word yet on who’s going to replace the original actors, but this whole situation comes back to money. With Silent Hill 2 and 3, Konami wanted to cut corners and not pay residuals for the original voice actors’ work. And there have been other horror stories regarding the treatment of video game voice actors by companies in the past, which is partly what the current strike is trying to remedy. Regardless, here’s hoping that things work out for the remake, and the voice actors themselves.