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‘Observer’ Footage is 7 Minutes in Cyberpunk Hell



This year’s E3 was fairly generous to horror fans who now have even more games to look forward to in the coming year (or so). Among them is Observer — or >observer_, if you nasty — and it’s a cerebral cyberpunk horror game from the makers of Layers of Fear. It’s great to see the team at Bloober Team choose to return to our favorite genre, especially with a project that looks even more bold and creative than their last effort.

Set in the year 2084, the game follows Daniel Lazarski, a neural detective, or Observer, whose job is to hack the minds of suspected criminals, because not enough people saw The Cell to know why that might be a terrible idea. Scouring a potentially unhinged individual’s mind for evidence of their alleged crime sounds nifty, a also super dangerous, as Observers must wade through the suspect’s fears, as well as their own.

You might be aware that we appear to be adrift in a sea of games themed around post-apocalyptic nightmare scenarios and legitimately horrifying not-too-distant dystopias. Don’t be alarmed, that’s just our way of imagining worst case scenarios so we can understand them and try to keep them from happening. It’s only when reality becomes more frightening and unpredictable than fiction that you should really worry. Until then, just numb your mind with this developer walkthrough of the Observer E3 demo.

Observer releases later this summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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If you were like me and weren’t able to physically attend E3, you shouldn’t fret. You can make up for that over here.