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Check Out This Gritty ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Fan Film!



It sucks when companies end up doing this, even if it’s within their rights. For those who don’t know, thanks to a cease-and-desist letter from publisher Take Two, Grand Theft Auto V content creators have lost the ability to use OpenIV, which was used to create mods for the game. There’s a silver lining of sorts.

Shortly before OpenIV was forced to shut down, writer/director Matt MacDonald was able to create a grim little short film using Grand Theft Auto V called “Not Normal”. It’s appropriately dark and gritty, and it only gets darker once you get to the ending. Much like users have done with machinima films done in games like Quake orHalo, MacDonald used GTA V and OpenIV for his film.

It’s a shame that some companies don’t see the value of fan contributions like these (Rockstar and Take Two claim that modding tools like OpenIV interfere with “the integrity of the GTA Online experience”), but it’s again within their rights to enforce this. For now though, just marvel at what some fans in the modding community are capable of doing with what they’re given.