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Mondo Brings ‘Super Castlevania IV’ OST Home!



Out of all the 16-bit Castlevania games, the one soundtrack that hits the top of the pile (or near it) is Super Castlevania IV. Masanori Adachi and Taro Kudo put together one of the best early soundtracks for the SNES, and which ended up still being one of the system’s best years later. So good in fact, that in anticipation for the new Castlevania Netflix series, Mondo has announced that they’re releasing the soundtrack to Super Castlevania IV in a two-LP set!

Just as they had previously done with the soundtrack to Silent Hill, Mondo will be releasing Super Castlevania IV‘s entire soundtrack, but in two versions. The first is Bronze and Gold Split Vinyl (Limited to 1,000 Copies), and the regular version in Silver with Red Splatter. The set will set you back $30 USD, and comes housed in a gatefold jacket with new original artwork by Jenolab.

In addition, Mondo has restocked their soundtrack set for Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, which comes on two black vinyl LPs. The Castlevania III set contains both the original Famicom version, and the NES version of the soundtrack. This set comes in a gatefold jacket featuring artwork by Sachin Teng. Definitely get in on these two (technically three) soundtracks for these legendary Konami games!