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Is Blizzard Working To Remaster ‘Diablo II’?



Take this next story with a BIG grain of salt.

We know that Blizzard recently announced plans to remaster their classic RTS game Starcraft. Fans in turn have inquired about certain other games from Blizzard’s back library that would be candidates for remastering. Of course, one game that keeps popping up is Diablo II. The game still has quite a large following on, and still has longevity thanks to modders. The same can be said of Warcraft III. I mean, how do you think we got DOTA 2?

Well, according to a recent story on Blizzplanet, a job opening appears to imply Blizzard is potentially working to develop a remastered version of not only Diablo II, but also Warcraft III. To add fuel to the speculation, in an interview with Yahoo eSports, Blizzard senior producer Pete Stilwell had this to say with regards to Starcraft: Remastered: “Once we have got this thing shipped in the state that we want it to, we will start looking at the other games. So (chuckles) nothing official to say today.”

Again, it’s nothing official, and with no announcement, but come on. Why would Blizzard go through all of the trouble to remaster Starcraft while ignoring its other two landmark franchises? It’d essentially be Blizzard printing money if they did remaster both Warcraft III and Diablo II. Time will ultimately tell just what happens.