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[E3 2017] ‘State of Decay 2’ Stays True to Its Roots



It’s too early to say this for sure, but it seems as if State of Decay 2 will be a more traditional sequel. It’d certainly make sense not to stray too far from the formula that made the original such a gargantuan success — the first game sold more than 4.5 million copies, if you can believe it — and I am genuinely looking forward to returning to that world and not having to get used to too much of this “new” crap so many games are experimenting with these days. More polygons, you say? Save them for geometry class, nerd.

And that’s not to say there’s nothing new here, because there absolutely is. The world is going to be three times larger, and it obviously looks considerably better thanks to a brand new engine. There will also be new skills, improved base building and fortification, and four-player online co-op (local play is limited to two players).

State of Decay 2 shambles onto PC and Xbox One next year.

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