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[E3 2017] Monster Hunters Wanted for ‘Hunt: Showdown’



It’s a Battle Royale, but with monsters. And not like, human monsters, but actual, honest to god, twisted mockeries of sanity and everything that’s good and beautiful about this world. In the exceedingly handsome action horror game Hunt: Showdown — previously known to us as The Hunt: Gilded Age — multiplayer, and co-op specifically, is key. You team up with a friend and start hunting monsters, with the goal being to locate and claim the bounty before anyone else. The “Showdown” aspect then comes to play when the monster is slain, causing every other player in the game to haul ass toward the bounty in a truly epic finale. Crytek took a risk with this new direction, but I think it might pay off for everyone.

Hunt: Showdown doesn’t have a release date yet. Stay tuned!