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[E3 2017] ‘Until Dawn’ Gets a Prequel in ‘The Inpatient’



The very busy Supermassive Games brought two games to show off at E3 this week, and to my delight, they both look to be very much up our collective alley. The first is an inventive choose-your-path thriller by the name of Hidden Agenda, in which a team of players can work together to hunt down a serial killer, and the second actually is related to Until Dawn! It’s called The Inpatient, and it’s a prequel set 60 years earlier in the Blackwood Sanatorium. It’s also a PlayStation VR exclusive, much like the game’s standalone expansion, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. I haven’t played it, but I’ve heard it’s pretty swell.

The Inpatient will check in when he’s damn good and ready. Stay tuned.