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[E3 2017] You’ll Never Want to Leave the Creepy World of ‘Ashen’



What do you get when you take the stanima-driven combat system from Dark Souls and combine it with the open-world explore/scavenge/survive mechanics from DayZ and the classic role-playing design of Kings Quest? Throw in a muted cel-shaded art style and you’ll have Ashen, an open-world action RPG set in a creepy, dark fantasy world populated by all kinds of monsters.

It’s coming from Aurora 44 and Annapurna Interactive, who have smartly built the game with what looks to be a deeply addictive cooperative multiplayer mode so we can all share our dungeon spelunkery with a few pals.

Ashen doesn’t have a release date yet, but when it does arrive it’ll be on PC and Xbox One.