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[E3 2017] ‘Until Dawn’ Dev Unveils Its ‘Hidden Agenda’



Supermassive Games has pulled the sheet off its next game, and while it’s not the Until Dawn sequel some fans might’ve been hoping for, it does still sit firmly within the choose-your-path thriller genre the developer explored with its last project. The game’s called Hidden Agenda, and it should come as no surprise that the team behind it has found a fun twist to put on the gameplay, specifically in regards to the multiplayer component. More voyeuristic players can invite some friends to watch them hunt down a serial killer called The Trapper, and while they’re along for the ride they can make choices collaboratively by voting on their iOS or Android phones. Looks nifty.

Hidden Agenda is expected to arrive later this year for the PS4. And for those of you who might not have played Until Dawn, you really should get on that.