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Take Back The Planet From Zombies In ‘They Are Billions’



Fancy trying to raise a colony on a post-apocalyptic planet while fending off hordes of zombies? Well, Numantian Games may have the game for you. A mash-up of World War Z and steampunk, They Are Billions has the player building and managing human colonies in a real-time strategy setting, all the while defending against the hordes of zombies that almost destroyed mankind.

Set to be released this fall, the game will feature two modes: Campaign and Survival. In Campaign, you help the surviving humans through dozens of missions to recapture the land that has been overrun with the walking dead. Each mission will have specific goals, such as constructing colonies, rescuing stranded colonists and, of course, wiping out zombies. Survival puts the player in a test of endurance for 100 in-game days, where they must build a colony and survive swarms on a randomly generated planet. Of course, if the action gets to intense, you can always pause and issue commands.

Boasting detailed 4K graphics with beautiful animation, and with the ability to have up to 20,000 units can be onscreen at once, They Are Billions sounds ambitious as it is amazing. To read more on the game, you can check out it’s Steam page, or visit its website.