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Check Out The Intros For The ‘Diablo 3’ Necromancer!



IGN today released the Cinematic Intro videos for the new Necromancer class in the upcoming “Rise of the Necromancer” DLC for Diablo 3. Though in typical Blizzard fashion, the release date (and price) for the DLC haven’t been announced, it’s still great to see my favorite character class from Diablo 2 making its return.

In addition, IGN also has an interview with Blizzard’s Lead VFX Artist, Julian Love, who describes the inspiration for this incarnation of the class as involving “the feeling that you got in Diablo 2 of being a commander of the dead and leading an army.” The class will also have a focus on blood, which will involve skills that increase damage or teleport using blood from enemies, or the player’s own (aka their health).

I am absolutely psyched to replicate my “Skelemancer” build from D2 once again. To read the rest of the interview, head here. The closed beta for the Necromancer began in April, and is currently ongoing.