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A (Very) Unrealistic Wish List for E3 2017



While most folks are busy trying to be realistic with their expectations for what’ll happen at E3 next month, I’ve got no more time for that, as you can plainly tell from just one glance at what can only be described as the no-nonsense wish list of a horror connoisseur. And before you ask me if this is what it looks like when I inevitably go mad — no, that’s not happening. Not yet. This isn’t a fantasy concocted by my scare-addicted mind as it desperately claws in all directions in search of that sweet, spooky scary fix. Every one of these games is coming, even if it means I have to personally will each of them into existence.

One way or another, between this moment and the distant and inescapable heat death that’ll eventually claim this world, we will get to play these games. Or, you know, whoever comes next, after humanity has wiped itself out in what will likely be a considerably less distant but just as inescapable future.

Alright, enough chitchat. Let’s do this.

The Evil Within 2

A handful of recent leaks may be hinting at an imminent reveal of The Evil Within 2 next month, making it one of the more likely candidates on this list to be made official. If my wish comes true, it’ll probably happen during Bethesda’s pre-E3 media briefing — that would be on Sunday, June 11 — and it may come in close proximity to another major announcement the company is reportedly preparing for us that same day. And if E3 comes and goes with nary a mention of it, then we can still take comfort in knowing that Bethesda is very interested in eventually returning to the nightmarish world Shinji Mikami and his Tango Gameworks outfit made special for us.

Bloodborne 2

The anticipation for From Software’s next project has, unsurprisingly, sparked rumors that From Software will use E3 to debut its next project which many hope will be a sequel to the excellent Dark Souls spin-off, Bloodborne. This game scratched an itch that’s been bothering me since I last played the underappreciated classic Nightmare Creatures, and while it could’ve handily been a one-off for the eccentric developer, I doubt anyone’s going to argue with our possibly getting another.

Frictional’s Mystery Horror Game

As we learned recently, the creators of Amnesia and SOMA are working on two mystery titles, and one of them will indeed be a horror game. Frictional Games is eager to stray outside the horror genre — and really, who can blame them? — this is hardly a farewell to the studio that’s had a very real and tangible impact on the horror genre. That day may be inevitable, so take solace in knowing we have (at least) one more horror game to look forward to before then.

Frictional’s creative director revealed last week that one of the two games they have in-development is considerably further along than the other, and while I’m very eager to see what a non-horror Frictional endeavor would even look like, for the purposes of this list I’m going to root for my home team. Bring on another round of nightmares, Frictional. We’re ready.


While we’re on the subject of Frictional Games, developer Red Thread Games’ freaky Nordic horror title Draugen seems worth mentioning, seeing as it was initially described to us as “Gone Home meets Amnesia: The Dark Descent“. It was announced, perhaps prematurely, back in 2013, but it did resurface more recently with the news of a potential crowdfunding campaign a little over a year ago. That may still be the plan, and if it is, E3 would be a fine time to let us know. And in related news, how about we all agree to stop revealing games so long before they’re ready? That’d be great.

Resident Evil 2 (remake)

While the very existence of a Resident Evil 2 remake appears to confirm that miracles are indeed possible, it’d take whatever’s less likely than a miracle for Capcom to actually show us how that effort is coming along. And in a perfect world where Super Miracles — I’m still deciding on what to call them — really do happen, Capcom would have it out in January, just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary. But as we’ve both mutually agreed, there’s no chance it’ll happen so we should probably just move on.

Left 4 Dead 3

I had to include Left 4 Dead 3, but I am so genuinely tired of waiting on Valve that I’m just going to leave the rest of this blurb to your own imagination. Please, imagine I wrote something smart and insightful here, and in the meantime I’ll do my best to imagine a world where Valve doesn’t have a strange aversion to threequels.

Dying Light 2

Techland’s incredibly addictive open-world “fuck you” to Deep Silver has been out for just over two years, so I suspect we’ll be hearing from its already confirmed sequel in the relatively near future. The developer’s ongoing support for Dying Light, through a steady drip-feed of free content updates and paid DLC, leads me to believe such an announcement is more likely this time next year, but who knows? I have been wrong before, though there’s zero proof of that anywhere online so don’t even bother looking for it.

Dead Island 2

Look, I recognize that going from Dying Light to whatever form Dead Island takes with its next installment is like eating your dessert before being slapped across the face with a sunbaked tuna, but it deserves a mention. Perhaps it’ll be a welcome surprise for everyone that lives up to the promise we all saw in that gut-wrenching trailer, and I claim that despite all the evidence to the contrary. Dead Island 2 has had to overcome some pretty big obstacles, and it deserves some credit for living up to its name by simply refusing to die. And sure, it’s unfortunate that its future is being decided by a publisher that doesn’t appear to have any idea of what to do with it. Even still, Sumo Digital has a talented team that’s absolutely deserving of the chance to bring some gory glory back to this series.

Anything System Shock

Deep Silver could learn a thing or two from Night Dive Studios about managing a franchise in a way that doesn’t bum everyone out. In just a few years, the company has demonstrated a genuine talent for reviving dead or dormant IPs, which has so far included beloved horror classics like The 7th Guest, I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream, and, of course, System Shock. It’s not an easy task renewing interest in a series that very few people other than myself have likely spent much time thinking about for roughly two decades, but Night Dive has a real aptitude for it.

Remastering the beloved second game was a good start, but that was just the appetizer. It’s nothing compared to the total overhaul the original will soon get. And while Night Dive is busy giving System Shock the Resident Evil REmake treatment it’s been long overdue for, the decision to assign Underworld Ascendant developer Otherside Entertainment the daunting task of delivering us a System Shock 3 may have been the smartest move yet.

Alan Wake 2

This would probably rank fairly high on a list of games it’d be healthier not to think about until there’s concrete evidence of their actually being worked on, but Remedy hasn’t shied away from mentioning the game. They’ve reaffirmed their commitment to Alan Wake & Friends numerous times over the years, even going so far as to give it a loving homage to it in Quantum Break — known to Remedy fans as “The Game That Should’ve Been Alan Wake 2.

We could keep going down this rabbit hole of unrealistic expectations, but I think this is plenty. And if you’re wondering why I omitted something you’re looking forward to, it’s either because I forgot, or because it’s already been confirmed. Some games that would qualify for the latter group includes Vampyr, State of Decay 2, The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding and Days Gone. If that doesn’t cover it, let me know what I missed in the comments!