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‘Outlast 2′ Devs’ Cryptic Posts Hinting at DLC?



Fresh from the release of Outlast 2, developer Red Barrels Studio now looks to be teasing fans with something.

On Red Barrels’ Twitter page, the dev has been busy posting photos presumably taken near the location of Outlast 2‘s main setting, the Temple Gate community. The crumpled photos are of seemingly deserted locations, with landmarks like a fence and a relay tower being the subjects. These landmarks are highlighted by a sharpie and question marks, as well as notes on the lower region of the photos.

The tweets also have a link to a Tumblr page called The Murkoff Report, which hosts more photos, as well as recordings of the Temple Gate group’s songs, disturbing children’s drawings, videos with weird imagery spliced with game footage and more. The Tumblr posts all have a variety of tags, including ones referring to the first game, its DLC, and the sequel.

So, what exactly does it all mean? It could potentially just be a companion piece for fans who want to get more of the lore of the game, or Red Barrels could be hinting at future DLC for the game. Whatever it is, it’s damn creepy.