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‘The Witch’ Inspired Mod Turns ‘Fallout 4’ Into a Horror Game



If you haven’t seen Robert Eggers’ fantastically creepy period horror film The Witch, you owe it to yourself to remedy that right away. It’s one of the more unnerving films I’ve seen in quite some time, and now it’s become the inspiration for an incredibly cool new mod appropriately dubbed Pilgrim — Dread the Commonwealth. At first, the film seems like an odd fit for Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG, and yet, not only does it work, but it does so in a way that completely transforms the game into a legitimately creepy Stalker-esque nightmare.

Created by modders l00ping and TreyM, Pilgrim turns the charming, retrofuturistic world of Fallout 4 into a waking nightmare. It encompasses a lot of tweaks, from new weather effects and environmental lighting — all designed from scratch — to brand new music that adjusts itself to match what’s going on in-game. The mod also features a new camera emulation system that “that emulates the way a digital cinema camera captures footage on a film set.”

In related news, Fallout 4 is free to play on Steam for the first time ever, but I suggest you act fast, as it will only remain that way until May 28 at 10am ET/1pm PT. And if you do decide to check this out, it’d sure be neat if you returned here to tell us all about your harrowing adventure.