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‘Inner Chains’ Dev Delays Linux Release to Squash Bugs



Telepaths’ Tree still hasn’t quite managed to squash the many serious bugs that have continued to plague the studio’s new biomechanical first-person shooter Inner Chains since its release a little more than a week ago. In an effort to finally stabilize the build, the studio recently confirmed in a recent post on the game’s Steam page that the Linux version would be delayed as the team focuses entirely on getting a stable build.

“Linux was our first goal after the release but fixing the game has become a priority since then. Technical issues and feedback from the community are the main focus at this moment and we are working around the clock in order to make Inner Chains meet your expectations. Only then we can work on the Linux version – it will mean that it is free of all the issues that current version has. We are sorry for this situation and we promise we remember about all of you who asked for Linux version – it will be delivered. It is just a lot of work for our small team and we want to be as thorough as possible – this means taking one step at a time.”

With its attention focused squarely on stabilizing the current build, one hopes it’s only a matter of time before Telepaths’ Tree is able to get their game working properly. I’ll let you know when that happens.