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Bloody ‘Blasphemous’ Smashes Funding Goals



A couple of days ago, developer The Game Kitchen launched their Kickstarter for their bloody 2D action-platformer called Blasphemous. Well, after just three days, the game has smashed its modest goal of $50,000, with over $84,000 in backers, and 27 days left in the campaign.

Blasphemous builds off of The Game Kitchen’s earlier title, The Last Door, with the reliance on pixel-based art, but kicks it into high gear with some truly amazing sprites and animations. That’s only part of the story, as the visuals are something straight out of someone’s nightmares. And don’t forget the plasma, which runs freely in the Kickstarter trailer below.

The story takes place in the land of Orthodoxia. The game has you playing as The Penitent One, a rogue nomad tasked with ridding the evil spread by corrupted church officials of The Twisted One. The game is expected to be out November 2018 on Steam and, with future plans for a console release. To learn more about the production, you can head to the game’s Kickstarter page, or head over to the game’s official site.