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Fox Developing More VR Experiences With ‘Alien’!



Going along with the Alien Covenant “Alien In Utero” VR experience revealed a few weeks back, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is looking for more multiplayer virtual reality horror with Aliens.

The Hollywood Reporter had the chance to experience an exclusive proof-of-concept demo of the game from FoxNext, the video game and amusement park division of 20th Century Fox. Set to be open to the public before the end of the year, the game to take place in a 2000 square foot environment for four players, using specially-created prop guns with haptic effects and hand tracking. The area will also have heating effects, mist, and what the article describes as “physical elements” to bring the experience to life.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, the story doesn’t specifically state where exactly this VR experience would be located, although according to the article, it implies that the game would be located at the 36-acre Fox World Malaysia, which is slated to open in 18 months. Until more is revealed, I guess it’s time to save those Frequent Flyer points.