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Disturbing ‘Outlast 2’ In-Game Audio Discovered



Alright, so the ratings controversy for Red Barrels’ Outlast 2 is nothing new for those following the game. However, it appears that there was more cut content from the game that would’ve probably caused an even bigger sh*tstorm, and not just in Australia.

Keep in mind that this next part potentially contains spoilers, so if you haven’t played the game, and don’t want to have a certain part ruined for you, well…

A user on the Outlast 2 Reddit recently discovered cut audio while browsing through the game’s files. The audio in question relates to the Father Loutermilch and Jessica Gray characters. It is implied during the game that Loutermilch is molesting Jessica, but it’s not explicitly stated. However, the discovered audio (which you can hear here) confirms it. The files in question are separate dialogue tracks, but when pieced together and played at the same time, it depicts Loutermilch graphically raping Jessica.

Now obviously, a serious subject like rape is something that shouldn’t be avoided in media (since sadly it happens in real life), and should be handled in an appropriate manner. This gets into the whole discussion of what form of media is appropriate to tackle a subject like this, such as videogames. Is Outlast 2 the right game to discuss this? That would be up to the developers, and it appears that they made the decision to not have that in the game. Red Barrels hasn’t commented on why they made their decision, but perhaps they just didn’t want to have that in there to distract from the main story? We won’t know until someone from the team comments on it.