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Now ‘SOMA’ Can Watch You Watching it



Frictional Games has partnered up with Swedish tech firm Tobii to bring eye-tracking functionality to the studio’s 2015 survival horror game SOMA, because if there’s one thing the game needed, it’s the ability to watch you watching it. If you haven’t played the game, I highly recommend you get on that already, lest you risk missing out on “one of the best psychological horror games since Silent Hill 2.”

For the unfamiliar, Tobii is a company that specializes in eye-tracking tech that gifts your computer the ability to track and even understand — their word, not mine — what you’re looking at in-game. Dying Light has supported the tech since it was added back in January, and it’s also coming to Among the Sleep and Monstrum. For an exploration-heavy game like SOMA, this is big.

“In SOMA, there is no fighting back; either you outsmart your enemies or you get ready to run,” explains a statement from Tobii. “But, what happens when your own body betrays you? With the addition of Tobii eye tracking, you become part of the controller, the dread and anxiety pressing against your actions and threatening your resolve.”

In related news, SOMA is just $10.19/£7.81 (66% off) on Steam, and it’ll stay that way until April 24. Amnesia The Dark Descent, Amnesia: a Machine for Pigs, Amnesia: Collection, and Penumbra are also on sale, in case you’re looking to get your spooky scary fix.