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‘Prey’ Entices With a Free Demo Version April 27th



Remember when companies would put out game demos to give you a “try before you buy”? Well, for those undecided about Arkane Studios’ upcoming reboot of Prey, the studio is giving you that chance.

With the game being released on May 5 for PC, XBox One and Playstation 4, Arkane Studios are set to release a free demo version on April 27 for XBox One and PS4 (what, no Steam demo?). The demo will feature the first hour of the game, where game protagonist Morgan Yu first climbs aboard the Talos I space station. For those curious, any progress you make in the demo will not carry over into the retail version. It makes sense, given the preorder bonuses that Arkane has put together. You can also check out the new trailer for the demo release below.