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Horror Game Release Schedule for April 2017



We’re a week into what may very well be the most divisive month of them all. April, otherwise known to some as the Month of Fools, has its fair share of haters. April 1st can be a tiresome day to spend online, we all know that. But it’s also a day of possibilities, and I absolutely stand by my opinion that Turbo Trump Ultra HD Golden Game of the Year Edition is something that needs to exist. This month is particularly exciting for this humble writer — philanthropist, provocateur — mostly because of a handful of games we’ll get into in just a moment.

But first, let’s chat about a few that released this past week.

Roots of Insanity

In the Cruxes of Crazy, players assume the role of Dr. Riley McClein, who’s been tasked with investigating some strange occurrences at a hospital. Sounds like a sufficiently straightforward and perfectly attainable goal for Dr. McClein, but alas, this poor doctor’s an epileptic. This is unfortunate for the cast of monsters you encounter in Seeds of Screwballery, who are fully aware of the doctor’s condition. This means any attempt to provoke an epileptic attack is technically considered a hate crime, and that’s a felony.

If dodging spooky creatures and navigating the legal grey areas in our woefully inept justice system — arguably the scariest monster of them all — sounds like your idea of a good time, Roots of Insanity isn’t going to give you any of that. What it does have is hack ‘n slash combat, a meaty story mode and loot.

Release Date: April 5 (PC)

White Noise 2

Remember that aggressively forgettable supernatural thriller flick with Michael Keaton? Me neither. Anyway, Milkstone Studios made a game called White Noise 2, and it has nothing to do with that movie I mentioned earlier that probably doesn’t even exist now that I think about it. It’s an asymmetrical multiplayer game in a similar vein as Damned and Dead by Daylight, where a team of four paranormal investigators are pit against a monster, which is also player-controlled.

One of the niftier features in this game is the twist it puts on spectating matches. When a player dies, they can choose to return as a ghost and continue helping their remaining living, breathing comrades. There’s also a theater so you can watch older matches, if you’re into that.

Release Date: April 7 (PC)

The Silver Case

Goichi Suda, or Suda51, is a designer with quite a lot of name recognition among fans of the horror genre thanks to his work on games like Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned. Before Suda51 gave us any of that, he made something called The Silver Case for the PSX. If you’re a fan of this guy’s more recent work, this remastered and fully localized version of the game may be worth checking out.

Release Date: April 18 (PS4)

Inner Chains

Here we go. Developer Telepaths Tree’s debut title, the gloomy horror first-person shooter Inner Chains, is one of a growing number of indie projects that could confidently match the visual prowess of “AAA” titles. It’s not just the gorgeous look of its atmospheric, alien world, but how that visual style extends to everything else, from the creative arsenal of weapons to the cast of creatures you’ll use them on.

Release Date: April 20 (PC)

What Remains of Edith Finch

Enthusiasts of H.P. Lovecraft, Jorge Luis Borges and Fullbright’s excellent adventure game Gone Home will want to keep an eye out for What Remains of Edith Finch. The game follows Edith and her journey to better understand her family’s history by exploring the memories left by them in the sprawling Finch estate. The last survivor of the Finch family, Edith will need to replay her relatives’ final moments in order to get the answers she seeks.

Release Date: April 25 (PC, PS4)

Outlast 2

Is there anything that can be said about Outlast 2 that hasn’t already been said before, via the horse whisper of a smitten psychopath or written on the walls in blood? Based on my very public experiences with the original, as well as with the demo for its eagerly anticipated sequel (see above), I’m very confident that the fine folks at Red Barrels will not disappoint.

Release Date: April 25 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Little Nightmares

With a an art style that deftly balances quirky charm with creepy atmosphere and genuinely freaky monsters, Little Nightmares is the breath of fresh air during a month that’s mostly comprised of shooters. Exploring, platforming, solving puzzles and overcoming the various other obstacles in The Maw may be the perfect palate cleanser before we dive face first into May.

Release Date: April 27 (PC, PS4, XBO)

That about covers it, as far as I can tell. If I missed anything, feel free to let me know in the comments!