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Hiya Toys Unveils More ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Figures!



Yeah, we all know how Gearbox screwed the pooch with Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. At least Sega made up for it with Alien: Isolation. Well, Hiya Toys looks to redeem Colonial Marines with their new set of 1:18 scale figures this October.

Priced at $19.99 each, the three figures – Private Bella Clarison, Private Jennifer Redding, and Lieutenant Jeremy Cruz – join the previous four figures in the line (Hudson, Hicks, Quinteros, and the Power Loader). Standing at 3.75 inches tall (think taller versions of the classic GI Joe figures), the figures feature several points of articulation (much more than the GI Joes ever did), and come with several accessories and individual display stands. They aren’t cheap, but the quality for those who are interested is top notch.

You can pre-order the figures now at Big Bad Toy Store.