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‘Outlast 2’ Dev Clears Up Ratings Trouble



With the speculation that Red Barrels Studio’s Outlast 2 was censored for the worldwide release in response to being initially denied a rating by the Australian Classification Branch, the devs took to the internet to sort things out.

According to the studio in a statement on IGN, the classification snafu was due to the initial submission containing the final game code and “a video file for reference taken from an Alpha version of the game”. Turns out that the video file shouldn’t have been sent with the submission, as “its content was not representative of the final game.” On resubmission, the same game code was submitted as before, but with a video file reflecting the final game content. The studio also stressed again that all territories will get the same version of the game, including Australia.

Of course, with this explanation comes more questions. Namely, what was in the video file that was from the Alpha version, and what’s the difference in the second video’s content? We may not ever know, and it might just be cynical to wonder if the studio isn’t saying what really went on, but it’s probably best for sanity’s sake to take their word for it.